A contemplative walk through some of the most beautiful Dutch landscapes. Come and experience this with me and others.

Majestic trees, an old chapel, silent woods... it's all there waiting for us...

Your time

There is time... to walk, to saunter, to rest, to contemplate.

All has been arranged, you only have to walk! It is 136 kilometers, the Walk of Wisdom, an average 15 k.  a day, with a day of rest in a cloister. 

We will often be in silence. 


I see you. As you are. On our way I will make a portrait of you, in word and image. It will be a surprise for you how this will look like. After the walk I am sending you this at home.

Our little online dictator

During the walk we will be strict in the use of our smartphone. Think about it before you walk. Should you be within reach? 25 years ago we could do without. 

My phone is always on for emergencies. 

I can make photos. I can take care of your phone in daytime. Let it all go... and be... in nature.

What, when, how

From Sunday August 18th to Tuesday August 27th 2019. 

Costs € 750,-. This price uncludes all nights in double rooms or small dormitories. Two nights you will have a single room. With breakfast.

I will arrange everything, oncluding packing advice.

Included is the beautiful official starting 'pakket'of the Walk of Wisdom and a surprise on our day of rest. You will pay your own travelling, lunch, dinners and other expenses. June 1th. I will decide if there are enough bookings (minimum 3 and maximum 5 people). Payment before June 5th. Take care of your insurances. 

Come and meet

Saturday April 6th. I am organizing a walk to meet and talk. It is on the Jacobspad from Vries to Rolde. We leave by bus from Groningen. Tickets: De Poort 

Walk of Wisdom August: mail me to book at wijmasimon@gmail.com

During the first day of the walk the silhouette of the Stevenskerk, starting point of the Walk of Wisdom, can be seen far away.