The story of a young woman, or: How I, Simon Wijma discovered what I was born for.

The young woman was sitting by the side of the road. Sad, in tears, in pain, in despair. Blisters everywhere. ‘What am I doing here' ,
she mumbled. Just made this immense journey from North America and there you are somewhere in the Spanish mountains, alone,
on your first Camino day.

Four friends passed by. We stopped and talked with her, and persuaded her to come along. It wasn't easy, she crippled and actually
wanted to go back home.
Eventually we stayed in each others company for 17 days. And every day we felt her loss. Her young boyfriend had died, and the new
love in her life did not florish. We heard from some distance the hard talks with home. 
We talked a lot about life during the long kilometers through the Spanish fields.

What came up in me was a ritual. A symbolic way to give our loss a place. Loss that we all carry along in any form. 
Slowly the young woman came back on earth. Back into the light. Back to a faith that life goes on. 
Then it was time to say goodbye in Spain. She walked on and went home later than we did.

The other day I got a message from over the ocean. Something has twirled into that circle of life and death.
There was new life. She is a mother now.