You walk. I walk with you. You talk. I listen. You feel. Sometimes you say nothing.

I am there.

Do I see you? I see you.

When you read this, reflect in yourself:

What do I need?

Someone who kowns what it is. The searching. Falling and getting up again. Real connection. Being faithful to yourself, or not.


Connect. We will find the way together.


> Be silent for a while..

Be still. Walk to this tree up there and say nothing.

Go inside. Descend. 

Do you feel what happened? 
Suddenly you heard the geese gossiping
You felt the sun on your face, even more

The reed fields even wider now

Hej… your face is softer.. your breath calmer.. you dont walk
any more, your pace has slowed down.

It is not important any more what you just spoke of and what I
to tell you. It was enough, next to each other.

Silence offers so much wisdom.