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Your guide is...

I am Simon Wijma. Born in 1961. Travel guide, coach and writer.

Wandering the pilgrims roads of Europe I am experiencing a unique sense of freedom I love to share with you.

Finding out about hospitality, feeling landscapes and weather, being silent with the treasures of the Camino. Mesmerizing at this old ruin, finding an old sheep track, sniffing about in an old shop. Leaving a little note in an old chapel.


There is time. And there is silence to feel this ancient road.    


Compassion, silence, profoundness... it is all so dear to my heart. As lonf as we can also laugh about it all now and then and enjoy the beauty of life in our world.

On my journeys there is space for your personal story and for you own personal input. I speak English, French and German. And some Spanish of course. 


Look at the wonderful short movie Andres Fouché made with me.

Other people about me.

My stories, sources of inspiration and a lot about walking and the Camino de Santiago you can find on my English blog


I was trained as a travel guide by the Dutch Ivor institute.

Walkwithsimon is a registrated company since 2017.

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